Hare Communion

Gouache Painting by Niya Christine 17/365. Copyright 2013


Yeah, I’m kind of thinking it’s their first date.

Since rabbits are nocturnal, they are having a nice, calm, measured talk after a night of adventures and playing. She’s says “You almost had that cat outsmarted. You could have done it, had the owners not woken up to the ruckus.” “Yeah, he reflects and wiggles his whiskers… next time, I’ll draw her out. You know how cats are… all about the ego. I’ll tell her not to get her whiskers twisted up, when I out run her.” She clicks her tea cup against his coffee cup and says “Righto.” He laughs and says… “I love your Aussie/New Zealand accent. I’m a simple Californian boy myself. I drink strong coffee and have macho DNA. But you? You are a wild, well traveled, exotic, sweet, beautiful Aussie at heart who drinks tea.”

She giggles, they sip their coffee and tea and he looks at her spots and flirtatiously flicks his hind foot and says, “I’d like to see you again.”

“Yes… ” She bats her eyes and her chunky cheeks puff up in female rabbit fashion, “… you’re my best mate.”


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  • WM Rine January 17, 2013   Reply →

    There’s a story ready to start between those two. Maybe they can become friends with Po’Bird. They are really indelible, they jump off the page. And hopefully into something else.

    • niya christine January 17, 2013   Reply →

      Yes, I think their name’s are Buster and Gezabelle. ; )

    • niya christine January 17, 2013   Reply →

      And thank you for saying they jump off the page. Ha ha!!!

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