Green Cake

Copyright. Niya Christine

#160/365 Paintings

What is it about cake that makes me want to paint it a lot? The shape? Pizza is similar, but I’m not as inspired. Oh.. duh, cake… tastes SO GOOD. This is my way of living vicariously through cake.

Green cake? Mint, zucchini? Pistachio? YUP, that’s it. I found a really beautiful recipe for it too. Pistachio cake.

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  • WM Rine June 10, 2013  

    A true story:

    When I was about five, my mother asked me what kind of birthday cake I wanted. I never much liked cake with sugar frosting. I didn’t get excited about birthday cake or have any kind I especially wanted. So I asked for a “green cake.” It was just a random comment.

    I got a green cake. I don’t know what my mother did to make it green, in those days before we knew how horrible food dyes were. It was bright green. Nobody liked it much. I never asked for a special cake again.

    I see now that I either needed you to have come and painted it, or I should have asked for pistachio. I had never heard of pistachio then, so it would have been hard to request it. But still. In any case, this one looks like it would have been fabulous.

    • niya christine June 10, 2013  

      I love this story. I remember the cake dye days so well. You wanted to like a cake like that, but somehow it didn’t work. Now, the frosting was a completely different deal. It didn’t matter if the frosting was crazy tie dye purple and orange… it was yummy.
      Thank you for this story. Big smiles.