#314/365 Paintings

Honestly, I should be painting goldfish every day this month in repentance for how many I’ve killed. Accidentally. But still. They are so peaceful and so, well, golden.

So this is a partial tribute to goldfish and the children they’ve made happy. They sacrifice in grace.

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  • WM Rine November 22, 2013  

    Hopefully Grace’s goldfish, Sparky, doesn’t sacrifice in grace. Although if Ella, his cousin the bunny, keeps gnawing at the cord to his filter pump, all may sacrifice. Hopefully all will prevail.

    These fish look like they’re ready for a Friday night out on the town. In Milan, or maybe in Santa Fe. I think they’ve forgiven you.

  • niya christine November 22, 2013  

    They’ve forgiven me? I would love that. Thank you! Oh those bunnies. They do like to naw on stuff, don’t they. I have all of mine trained for cardboard now. Thank goodness.