Giselle the Feminist Greyhound


#289/365 Paintings

Giselle never liked that her heritage, her bloodline begins with a benign color, grey. She’s showing you all her colors. She also sees no contradiction in being a feminist and having a tattoo over her heart of her person – Clive. She is devoted to him. In fact, Clive is her true soulmate. Even more than her 3 greyhound boyfriends… Lucky, Dup and Jazz. Giselle also has a gaggle of admiring female friends. They race each other at the park and lay around and talk about the GRA (Greyhound Rights Amendment). While Giselle is a stunner she only uses it to tease the male dogs. They kind of expect it and have fun with her Sass!

She’s a knock out, isn’t she?


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  • WM Rine October 28, 2013   Reply →

    She is a knockout. Kudos to her for breaking the gray. It’s quite humble of her that she’s only towing the hearts of Clive +3. I’m sure she could have a whole city of dogs following her with a wink of the eye and a few strutting steps. I admire her refined intelligence and her restraint.

    • niya christine October 28, 2013   Reply →

      Yes she’s classy that way. She does like that you noticed this refined quality in her nature. It makes her want you to take her for a walk and tell her about the secret life of words. ; )

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