#215/365 Paintings

I really love the idea of fences. Like bridges, gates are a mediary to the other side. In this case, this fence is a divider between a fairly gentle landscape (with purple blob flowers) and a rugged mountain. If I had to take a gander at the safer side, after the summer I’ve had—today my gander would be the rugged mountain. Yes, a bit more edgy and uncomfortable. Yet, by facing the obstacles, things come into sharp focus, the body gets in shape, the mind cuts new deals with it’s usual loops and patterns. Eventually what looked prickly and dangerous melds into pockets of shade and surprising tumbles of wind that land you in the most unexpected places and vistas.



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One comment

  • Susan August 7, 2013  

    It is edgy. I love it. The blue and white seem to be the most “stable” combination/metaphor of this piece. Love the contrasts. Thank you Niya. Your 365 day journey is giving depth and growth to your art (and probably to you as well.) <3