Fresh coffee ~ What a flirt!

Niya Christine's 5/365 Paintings 2013. Gouache, "Coffee Gets Fresh" Copyright 2013

#5/365 Paintings for 2013

I have nothing clever to say about these brewing cups of very strong, fresh coffee. Except they smell so good they seem to want to date everyone in the room.

My biggest thrill in this painting was the discovery of a new medium: Gouache paint. I’ve had one traditional painting class in my life, my first year of college. There was a woman in the class who painted old people portraits. Old, like 90’s old. She loved old people and she said the gouache had enough opacity to capture the flesh while also enough translucency to express the lines in their faces. I never forgot that. I got a job the next semester as co-director of the local women’s center. I asked to launch a program for women artists, gutted out a room and opened a gallery. I found this woman again and she was our first exhibitor.

I still remember those old faces in the room – happy, wise, guppy, loving, beauties.

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  • WM Rine January 5, 2013   Reply →

    These looked so bright and tasty at first I thought they were little deserts, sunny and sweet on serving plates. They certainly are servings of bright sunshine.

    I love the story about the gouache and the old happy faces. A good story on top of the painting.

  • niya christine January 5, 2013   Reply →

    Oh yes I see that now…little French pastries. Gouache is so vivid. And even more so in the original painting. My new toy. ; )
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the story. I sure am enjoying your writing right now.

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