Painting by Niya Christine. CopyrightThis reminds me of a short short scene assignment at UCLA’s screenwriting program. He said, She said in one word dialogue. In this case, not one word dialogue, but since we have birds who like the Zuni Indians communication in sound shapes (sorry for going esoteric there)… close to one word dialogue.

Big boy bird (top): Not just a pretty picture?

Small female canary (below): Not just a big oouf?

Big boy: Pretty, pretty, pretty…

Small female: No, no, no…

Big boy: Hungry? I have worms. So many worms it might make you faint.

Small female: You’re very handsome.

They fly off flirting in clipped tweeps. Communicating stuff we humans shouldn’t be privy to. [End]


Project notes: Mixed media takes longer, but I’m hooked.


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  • WM Rine April 5, 2013  

    I was wondering if this is mixed media. You’ve incorporated it into your longtime style.

    This has all of your wonderfuls going on … Birds, the colors, the clear center or focal point (the two birds) and the lifeloving chaos that surrounds it. It’s like how as a photographer I use bokeh. But in the end it’s what gets you to look closely at those two birds and know the feeling in their one-word dialog.

    (That’s a bit technical of an appreciation, and not very well worded, but hopefully it makes sense.)

    • niya christine April 6, 2013  

      Makes perfect sense. I love your detailed comments they always make me think. They are infused with keen observation, imagination and humor. Thank you.