Fish Play #3


#318/365 Paintings

You know the feeling, right? Under water and looking up through the kelp at some really beautiful fish. And you think, ‘my gosh, I’d love to participate in all that goodness’… if only I had just a tad more confidence. The tiny fish are squeaking ‘go, go, go… you aren’t in a pod, you aren’t an egg anymore. You are shiny, big, bold and have things to say. You go.



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One comment

  • WM Rine November 25, 2013  

    This really does have that under-the-waves feel, when a current spins you a little upside down and you’re looking up, or you think you’re looking up. Not sure at the moment which way is up. But who cares when you’re spinning around free in the current and you cast your gaze on such a beautiful purple fish, doing a loop-the-loop right with you. Any day is a good day when you get to swim with a purple fish.