Genre: Comedy (buddy film)

Logline: A workaholic, womanizer faces his mid life crisis when he meets all the best parts of himself in a fat, narcoleptic charming man and who gets the one thing Max has always wanted… true love. Max wants to kill him but he can’t.

Writers Guild Registration 2008, 2010.


MARVELOUS, HILARIOUS, SCREWED UP YOU!  She wanted a house, she got a life!

Genre: Romantic comedy

Premise: 32 yr old Lucie Alexander, a spirited, highly imaginative, ambitious young woman raised in a junkyard refurbishes old cars with her gay best friend, Harville to save money to buy a house built on a greenbelt where the tree her treehouse used to live in still resides. She’s driven to redeem her place in the world and not let the people ‘who play golf’ take it from her. But when a handsome Brit and his young son move to Scottsdale from Boring, Oregon, he buys it out from under her. Now Lucie will do anything to drive him out. The biggest surprise of all is that the redemption she finds is in the ‘home’ they discover together than the ‘house’ they aimed to own in the beginning.

Writers Guild Registration 2010.



Genre: Comedy, Short Film

Logline: When a young, single yoga teacher’s car stereo is stolen, she develops a big crush on the thief and designs an inventive way get him to date her.