Essence of Evening Primrose

Watercolor by Niya Sisk. Evening Primrose. Copyright

#26/365 Paintings 2013

Have you ever wondered what evening primrose flowers and teacups do at night when we aren’t looking? They aren’t sharing corn dogs at a carnival or taking Budweiser baths in a mosh pit. Nope, they are in their true nature under the moonlight doing the work of flavor enrichment. So the next time you drink a cup of evening primrose tea you will have the behinds the scenes view of the flower and cup in their birthday suits — making our tea extra-special-yummy!

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  • WM Rine January 26, 2013   Reply →

    There’s a rolling motion to the composition, like a wave gathering. It’s like the colors of the desert southwest rolling up a bright wave.

    Is this another gouache? It’s interesting how changing your media really changes the feel of the work.

    • niya christine January 27, 2013   Reply →

      Love that description! “the desert southwest rolling up a bright wave.”
      Yes this is Gouache. The medium has a huge effect on the outcome, it’s true. I love gouache. It’s very emotional – the results, that is. Watercolor is a bit more precise. You see everything quite graphically.
      I see you are quickly catching up on your writing… I can’t wait to catch up with my reading of your project. I’m looking forward to the theme change in Feb. Will you continue with your voices?

  • WM Rine January 27, 2013   Reply →

    I’ll keep doing voices, yes. I’ve thought about shifting it a bit (I’m thinking about trying to have people re-telling stories for awhile.) I still have a number of people I haven’t even tried yet, though, so I’m going to follow where this takes me more than I’m going to direct it strongly.

    I wondered how you’d be able to make coffee and tea last a month, but you’ve done admirably. You’ve got an interesting body of work going already. This is going to be a rich year.

    • niya christine January 27, 2013   Reply →

      I was thinking you would start writing your novel live for us – a page a day… 365 pages is about right. I sink right into your character voices and find myself wanting your book in print on my bedside table as a morning staple. ; )
      Have you learned new things about your characters that surprised you?

      I’m very excited about this project. Though, it does add a good amount of work to my life. Still, it is so rewarding I wouldn’t even consider stopping it. It’s changing my life for the better. I’m learning a lot about who I am and am not as an artist and writer. Very clarifying. I would love to have the time to put each month together as a book and add some more content to the theme and round it out. It’s just great to have more to play with — and the daily practice is teaching me a lot about techniques and the limits therein. Often what I have in my head doesn’t come out on the page. Very instructive.

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