Espresso in Italy

Espresso in Italy, Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#28/365 Paintings

This is a painting of a photograph by Nina Hansen Machotka’s blog “A Writer in Umbria.” This is their espresso maker in Umbria, Italy. I’m dedicating this post painting to Nina and her husband Pavel. It’s a small thank you for the inspiration they have given me over the years.

Nina has written some amazing books, including The Field Stone’s of Umbria that describes their adventure renovating an old farmhouse in Umbria, having relocated from the States. Wonderful book. I loved every second of it. Nina was interviewed in Italian ReflectionsIt’s a very fun and insightful interview about the x-pat journey.  Pavel was my professor as an undergrad at UC Santa Cruz. He held the chair of the psychology department and founded the aesthetics of psychology. I sought to fuse my passion for psychology and art into one. His classes were my doorway. Pavel paints gorgeous paintings and is a Cezanne expert. We also painted together some weekends. I remember him as a mentor of patience in painting. I was never one for patience. He made it look as good as banana cream pie.

They lead passionate, adventurous, yet peaceful lives—a couple of the best people I know. I hope to visit them this summer in Umbria. In the meantime, check out their work. Nina’s blog is delightful to subscribe to.

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  • Adrian January 28, 2013  

    Hi Niya, Thanks for the mention, love the painting and your project idea – will keep watching! Let me know if you have further Italian inspiration! Ciao from a snowy Piemonte, Adrian

    • niya christine January 28, 2013  

      Oh you are welcome. I love your online space and what you do. The interview with Nina is fabulous, informative and inspiring. Thank you for your view of the paintings and the kind words.

  • Nina Hansen Machotka January 28, 2013  

    My sweet Niya, you are too good to us!! So glad I could be an inspiration for once…it’s been the other way around for many, many moons. Now I’m up to at least 4 prints that I want to buy…and this is only January. Egads, if these paintings are as beautiful for the entire year, I’m either in big trouble or I’ll be your biggest sponsor…

    Lovely words for us, and lovely work of yours.


    • niya christine January 28, 2013  

      Oh you have no idea. When I think of you and Pavel I feel like I can do anything. You two are so dedicated to a good life and to your work. And so happy and humbled to hear that I have tickled your inspiration over the years. Wow! No need to buy this painting, the original is for you. I’ll be selling prints soon.
      The originals? I’m not sure yet. I am looking into a gallery event at the end of the year. It would be so fun to sell each original at 365.00… and the prints will be 36.50 each. Fun little ready made business model.
      Hugs back to you Nina.. and give one to Pavel for me!

  • Lisa | Renovating Italy February 1, 2013  

    Although we are yet to meet I have ‘known’ Nina and Pavel through the net and they featured on our blog with the renovation of their beautiful home. I just love your painting and it instantly conjures up feelings of bliss. ciao for now Lisa

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