• WM Rine January 14, 2013  

    I really like this one, Niya. There’s something about how the tree leaves are caressing the clouds, or maybe the branches are holding them up. And the couple is off to the side, and those layers of color underneath. I wished to be able to blow this one up and study it awhile. It feels like it connects earth and sky with the people in the middle, seeing it all, as we do maybe a little better when we connect with others.

    • niya christine January 14, 2013  

      Oh yes, this was a fun one to paint. A commission from a couple in Boulder recently engaged. It’s a large painting, and looks nice in her living room. She got the painting when they split off the engagement. I wondered later about the composition – why did I have their backs to us? And so distant on the hillside? I really felt the landscape the most when I painted it. I love your interpretation of connection. That feels right for the painting as a whole.