Door Abstract — France


#278/365 Paintings

I’m having an obsession. It’s about doors, color, Europe and the dogs that hang around. They seem to be just as obsessed as myself. This particular door is one of a series abstracts (doors from around the world) coming your way this week.

This one is inspired by a walk in Nice, FR after hanging out in a cafe with new friends listening to Abba. As I walked to the beach afterwards, I was amazed how every door was a different color. The colors seemed to say: We are open. But the stone, heavy wood, brass and France history said: But not really, just enjoy your walk. And I did.


Note to subscribers. There are some super loyal followers in this group. I hear from you daily. You keep me productive and delighted. There is a lot going on in the world right now… thank you for taking the time each morning to have a little group art share.

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