#251/365 Paintings

We’ve all been there… At least I have.

Terribly sorry for some wrong doing. Intricately in touch with my inner dog. Just wanna crawl into my doghouse until the pain dissolves. But I’m such a bad dog, I don’t even have a doghouse! Ah, shucks, even this dog seems to have an inner dog. He gets it!

; )

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  • wmrine September 16, 2013   Reply →

    Funny how guilt gives this guy a beautiful patina. In his sadness and shame we see what a precious thing he really is. I hope that’s part of your inner dog, too.

    • Niya September 17, 2013   Reply →

      I like that a lot. The patina perspective. I just looked at this ol’ dog and thought about that look you see on dogs a lot. I wondered if we all have a bit of that look inside locked away. That ol’ dog. ; ) Your perspective about sadness and shame is just wonderful. Thank you (again and again)

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