December is Word & Image

Mixed Media by Kathleen McCloud. An example of what I'm going for in December 2013.

IMAGE: Mixed Media by Kathleen McCloud.

Those fish were fun. And Thanksgiving holiday rocked this year. I hope for you too.

What to expect from me this month? A lot of errant tears. ; ) Actually, I’m so excited about this theme, it’s hard to shed any tears, just yet. I’ll wait for the inevitable in January.

This month’s daily paintings will combine image and word. Is there anything more primal? The hub of useful communications comes from the inception of this combination. From hobo’s to sophisticated signage in our cities. I’m most excited about the emotional language that is possible in between the lines/in the negative space between prose and pattern. Words are things, shapes, designs that a bit more than their singular definition when composed.

You can expect to see words from various sources in short series. Passages from authors that are well known that move me in some way. And passages from talented friends with works in progress. As well as a few passages from old journals or works of my own if I get brave enough.

I have missed words this year. And before this year, while writing stories, I missed painting. So this month promises to be bliss!

A few announcements:

I will write a larger article in early January that reflects on this project 2013. This is just the beginning. I’m feeling great about the body of work and the possibilities ahead. I’ll publish a monthly newsletter for subscribers to keep you in the loop as it grows.


There are 2 exciting ways to purchase art from the galleries. You can purchase 8.5 x 11 inch prints directly from the PRINT SHOP. Everyone gets 30% off  the 8.5 x 11 inch prints in December to say Thank You for your support this year. Just enter code: xmas to get your 30% discount.

The other way is at FINE ART AMERICA. You can purchase framed prints, canvas prints, iPhone cases and more. I’m filling the galleries daily. If you don’t see your choice there. Email me, I’ll get it there within 24 hours. You can preview all art from the year in thumbnail view at the PRINT SHOP. I’m excited that I can offer larger and framed prints, greeting cards and iPhones from FAA. It’s been one of the main requests all year. And it’s guaranteed for 30 days. That makes me feel great about it.

In case you missed it, there are 2 new articles: Archeologist of Joy published in Skinny Artist Magazine. And the Redhead + Rabbits Road Trip. This chronicles the adventures this past summer in San Francisco and the Southwest when I took the project on the road with my critters.

And as usual, I’ll be taking another art class this month. I’ll be learning how to create handmade story dummies to express a few of the children’s book ideas that have come out of this years painting stories. I’m pretty psyched about this new tool.

So that’s it. I’m just rip roarin thrilled to have my loyal subscribers — their comments, insights, support. And the social media fun and buzz. It’s all just so good! Lucky redhead, that’s me.


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  • Celia December 1, 2013   Reply →

    Hi Niya Christine,
    Thanks so much for adding Mr. Omniscient to your store. How cool to have him as my iPhone cover. I love your project and paintings!


    • niya christine December 1, 2013   Reply →

      Ceila, thank you so much. This makes me feel so good!

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