Debra Zaslow: “Bringing Bubbe Home”


#354/365 Paintings

Debra Zaslow: Excerpted from novel, “Bringing Bubbe Home”

My fingers graze over the photo, stroking her face. I want to turn her towards the tree. Press your face to the trunk, smell the resin. Listen, you can hear beetles climbing in rows, rac­ing through the core of the wood. I want her to grab the trunk and hold it so fiercely that her life doesn’t drain away. I want to shout, Hold on and don’t move. Everything you need is here. But she can’t hear me. She smoothes her gown and stares ahead.


I just love this passage from Debra. So powerful. Debra’s novel “Bubbe” will be released this spring 2014. I’m so excited.

It’s been such a privilege to feature these prose excerpts in the past couple weeks. I’ll be switching to a new 5-6 piece series within this theme starting tomorrow. Hard to leave these collaborations. I’ve never done this before. It’s been a wild and illuminating challenge. 

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