Darjeeling Duck

"Darjeeling Duck" Watercolor by Niya Christine. 21/365. Copyright.

#21/365 Paintings 2013

Looks like a happy fella, doesn’t he? The thing is, this guy, being ridiculously concerned about his aroma amongst the female ducks takes his herbal baths very seriously.

One day, he overheard a good looking young man at his pond talk about how the herb changed his life for the better. The young man wasn’t uptight anymore, his confidence grew — as did his range of girlfriends.

Our Mr. Duck had always enjoyed his Darjeeling tea baths in the morning while swiveling about with the females. He went on and on to anyone who listened about the mixture of soil, altitude, sunshine and rain in the hilly parts of India where Darjeeling grows. “It’s the champagne of teas.” He had said to them and put on a dopey smile.

It’s important that he never know how his Darjeeling baths had stained his backside so black that the females became a bit frightened of him. And, that while his romantic aspirations are admirable, there was a slight misunderstanding about the kind of herb the handsome young man was referring to. Nah… for now he’s a happy, heart-on-his-feathers, duck in a cup. And, the right female will love herbal baths.

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