Daily Painting Made a Finisher Out of Me

It hasn’t stopped. At some point everyday, I angle for the studio even if just for 10 minutes to get the hands moving and thinking. I used to average about 3 paintings a year. Never enough for an exhibit. Now, I average a large piece a week with the vision of the final series in mind throughout. I’m not at peace until I finish.

Frequency has a creative soul of it’s own. Like a marriage, there is that 3rd party always at play. Never just the two people. It can make you a bit crazy if you resist.

Mixed media-close up

Mixed media-close up

This is the 2nd mural in a 5 part series of 3 paneled animal murals. They stack and reconfigure in all ways. It’s a very different modality for me. Collage is a bit more meditative and deliberate than my usual comfort zone of flying the paint on canvas.



Panel of Pudgy Birds Close Up

I really like the surprises. And the feeling of molding something, like a cake or sculpture.

Stacked Triangle

Stacked Triangle

Layering and layering until the math is right.

Curious Bird. Close Up

Curious Bird. Close Up

And I let it be a bit rough. I never want to smooth it or have tidy lines. I’m not sure why, just yet.

Folding In

A Beautiful Sunday Morning

This piece will live in my yoga studio for now. I like waking up the body to the birds that woke me up to a new creative avenue.

What’s next? Giraffe’s, Cats, Kangaroos, Zebras, Elephants? Not sure. Feel free to vote. The next piece is 18×24 with 2.5 inch deep sides. So more square than I’ve been working.

Have a wonderful week.


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  • genevieve giblin August 17, 2014  

    Thank you for sharing your beautifu work, Niya. You will never know how much inspiration you have been to me, and I am sure to others as you share your thoughts about the daily practice of doing your work, and the work itself. Truly, it has brought inspiration to me..

  • niya christine August 18, 2014  

    I’m SO glad Genevieve! You made my day. This is what it’s all about.