D O G story: A dog with many lives

#365/365 Paintings. WAHOO!

#365/365 Paintings. WAHOO!

D O G by Niya Christine.

I’m an old dog—a yellow lab as handsome as the day is long. I know that’s a cliché thing to say but I’m not a creative type like my friend Bosely—he’s an Irish Setter. I’m what you’d call a traditionalist. I like to eat exactly at 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. I take my bone with me everywhere I go. I will not carry the poop-bag.

I’ve had three names in my life. Max, Sirus and Jonesy—and this divides my life into three, four year parts. I’m glad I was Max in the first four years of my life. I lived with a family…a pretty good one too! But the woman, Grace…

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I enjoyed writing this story. Max, Sirus and Jonesy had a life that we either pity or envy depending upon your point of view. ; )


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  • WM Rine December 29, 2013  

    I’ve always loved this story, Niya. It really endures. I’m so used to seeing it with that photo it was matched to on your other site. This one is really different. This one makes me imagine the young dog looking ahead to the life he will lead, one that does not exactly beckon with sweetness. Maybe he’s the brother of our four-month-old lab, Hope. And maybe, being that wonderful animal a dog is, he looks ahead and decides he will choose it anyway. He is a dog and has lots of gifts to gift, and so he will give them, even if the road ahead won’t be smooth or an endless parade of sunny days.