Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#148/365 Paintings

I had to laugh several times in the process of this painting. First, because I was working from a black and white photo of an unknown rabbit. But when the drawing was done, it was clearly ‘not’ the rabbit in the photo. It was Dakota, my oldest rabbit. His face, absolutely! The second laugh was all that gosh darn color. If Dakota saw this painting I’d get the freeze out move–the long ear over the eye for months. Dakota is super stoic and macho. The pink—the squishy vulnerable posture, the lower lip showing. All these things are highly unacceptable in his world. Still giggling behind his back. If you ever meet him, you never saw this okay?

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  • Dale Favier May 28, 2013   Reply →

    🙂 Not a word, promise.

  • WM Rine May 31, 2013   Reply →

    Funny, I would capture my son in colors like this — and he’d probably not like them either. It’s a mother’s or Dad’s-eye view on the tough kid. (Well, Miles is more nerdy than tough, but I think he’d like to be tough.)

    What a way to cap off a great month.

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