Creative Space Design – Part 1: Conditions for Genius

This is the first of 3 essays coming to you on designing your creative space. This essay relates to health and lifestyle as a powerful aspect in designing creative space. In that, our bodies and relationships are intricately connected to creativity.

This is the story of my greatest mentor. A master watercolorist—an old Japanese man who took me under his wing, starved me, ignored me, made my walking legs very strong and brought me to a certain grace about it all… that keeps me warm today.  Click on the image to download the PDF. 

by Niya Christine


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  • Susie January 28, 2014  

    I loved this! It was very inspiring and beautifully written! Your paintings are amazing!!- so breathtaking!!!Thank you for sharing your stories, your journey and your wonderful art!

    • niya christine January 28, 2014  

      Susie, thank you so much for reading this. It was definitely a life changer for me. It’s an honor to tell the story. Thank you!!!! So happy you got something out of it.

  • Verna Wilder January 28, 2014  

    You carry on the tradition of inspiring other artists, other arts. I appreciate how much you give or yourself to your art, which then is a gift to the world. Thank you, Niya.

    • niya christine January 28, 2014  

      Thank you Verna. I DO love it.

  • Douglas Gorney January 28, 2014  

    You know what…I really needed to read this. Today. Thank you, Niya…

    • niya christine January 28, 2014  

      Yay… that is so great Douglas.

  • Alex Kimball February 6, 2014  

    Hello, Niya.

    Stumbling on your blog here as your art captured my eye with its fresh brilliant colors and powerful simplicity. Reading only your writing above gave me me a foundation and a brief understanding where your art might generate. Fun story, you know you were gifted and wisely recognized.

    I look forward to following your work and when time will check into more of your blogs.

    May your this next new season bring you the joy of knowing without doubt your path is good.

    Cheers to you,


    • niya christine February 6, 2014  

      What a joy to get such a beautiful note. Thank you!
      I am in the process of editing the next article in this series. It goes up later today. I hope you’ll check back. I will be looking into your architecture work. Thank you.