#284/365 Paintings

This guy is a stud. A 2 year old coyote who hunts all day long for his women. And there are many. This is him coming in after his explorations. He’s kind of a stash it as you go guy. So he has treasure maps in his head to take his dates on for picnics. He’s a trickster when it comes to hunting games. And, when it comes to love, he’s all heart, soul, commitment — with every single one.


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  • WM Rine October 21, 2013  

    I always thought a coyote-trickster-dude would be the type to have one mama in this set of woods, another over by the lake, maybe a third up the river, sorta like a trucker might. This guy sounds way too loyal for my stereotypes. You’d almost want to make a dog out of him.

    • niya christine October 21, 2013  

      Ah yes… I should have said “considered himself committed to every single one” — thank you!