Cow Courtship

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#101/365 Paintings

When the sun sets, our cow at the top with the orange spots wonders if today the pink cow will love him. She already does. But she’s very shy. She hopes he will come over and shmoosh noses a bit—save her from her bashfulness. And on it goes like this every evening. Even the pink tree is embarrassed by how long it’s taking for this couple to come together. But it will happen. I have full faith in these cows.


Project notes: It was nice to return to my old friend, watercolor today. January, the coffee & tea theme was all watercolor. Recently, much experimentation and discovery with mixed media. Ah.. watercolor my first love.

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  • wmrine April 11, 2013  

    They lived in a barn that looked like a bright, summery yurt. He wondered if that made them a little stylish. Looking at her, he wanted to feel stylish.

    He put out her favorite orange grass overnight, hoping she would find it. As he watches her eat it, he wonders if she will know it was he that put it there. She wonders, but daren’t ask.

    Cows move slowly but they always get there.

  • niya christine April 12, 2013  

    Yes yes… they are a little stylish. Love that. YURT. I think you and I need to co-author a children’s book in the future. I love how you finish the painting stories.

  • niya christine April 12, 2013  

    And the line… Cows move slowly but they always get there. ; D

  • kathy April 12, 2013  

    #101 did not disappoint! Seeing today’s painting in watercolor medium felt like coming home; so relaxing.

    A collaboration between you and wmrine would be wonderful!

    • niya christine April 12, 2013  

      Kathy, I know. That’s how it felt to me too. Watercolor and silk painting are very good friends to me. They’ve been here for many years. I love the color and the calming feeling of the medium. Glad you do too! Thank you for the support Kathy!