Coffee ♥’s the NY Times — The NY Times ♡’s Coffee

Niya Christine's 365 Paintings Per day #10/365_NYTimes+Coffee. Copyright 2013

#10/365 Paintings for 2013

Why does the sight of a cup of coffee and the New York Times give me such nostalgia? A fertile ecosystem of intellectual invention in this pair. The New York Times, in turns out is a bit of a rugged individualist in it’s pattern to set to appeal to a cultured, intellectual readership. Born in 1851, it was intended to be a penny paper that would avoid mass media appeal and report the news objectively. It failed. They had to increase the price and they still lost approx. 1k per week. Luckily, It was saved in 1896 and the price went back to a penny and coverage went worldwide. There are several historical highlights like the coverage of the Titanic—yet, still a strong focus on quality editorial strength. Well, all this fabulousness of inventive strengths and strong values makes a strong cup of coffee the completion of the New York Times experience for me.


Project Notes: Oh, I fussed and fussed with this painting. Such a tiny thing for so much grief! Definitely exceeded my 45 minute max. today. The reason? Well, at first it was going to be a painting with Q-Tips. You can see it’s beginnings in the wood of the table top. The morning go full with business calls etc. and things spun out of control. That’s okay, I have 355 more paintings to go to get this right. Right?


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