Clarabella — the chromatically gifted pig

Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#42/365 Paintings

Some pigs have all the fun.

Clarabella was a heartbreaker from birth. Her superpower is that when she giggles her body lights up in moving colors akin to that of a discotheque. It leaves the boy pigs bewildered; stupified by love. Their tails curl up tightly and they leave the scene before she sees her power over them.

I’ll have what she’s having. ; )


Project notes: I love sundays because all the palettes get cleaned and refreshed with new color mixes for the week. It’s a day for rough sketches and wild ideas. This week I look forward to learning from Carla Sonheim’s class: Imaginary Animals. She’s a subscriber here. I love her work and philosophy the Art of Silliness.

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One comment

  • Leah February 19, 2013  

    I really like this one! She looks like she is squealing with delight 🙂