City Fish


#304/365 Paintings

Ever wondered what fish do in our cities when we aren’t looking? Which is a lot, given how busy cities can be. Here’s a peek. But don’t tell them your source. Fish are more fierce than you might imagine. And, you don’t want to lose your daily painter do you?


Project notes: I was in the hardware store looking at paint chips and took a bunch home. I wanted to learn how to mix new color combinations. I got lazy and glued the chips to my paper and painted over them. ; )


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  • Ben G. November 8, 2013  

    peak=peek. Sorry, I just had to…please delete my comment, but before you do I really love your work, as always.

  • WM Rine November 9, 2013  

    This made me think of a room I once had at the New York Hilton. I had a room pretty high up that looked down on 6th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. At night after work I’d sometimes sit and watch the bright flow of buses and taxis and people down on the streets below. I imagine some of these fish bubbling by, brighter than the lights and the taxis, while meanwhile the traffic streamed on in the streets way down below.

    • niya christine November 11, 2013  

      Actually that makes me think that a Taxi company would do well to brand themselves as FISH TAXI and paint their cars neon. It makes sense. Schools of taxi’s streaming the city. Love your comments… always.