Chili Pie. North of the Panhandle. SF


#168/365 Paintings

A wild interpretation of New Mexican Chili Pie in San Francisco… yup. Chili pies and ice cream on Baker and Fulton in SF is the child of Green Chili Kitchen—food and desserts New Mexican style. I’m fascinated by any cook who bakes sweet and/or savory pies with beer floats to boot. The Green Chili Apple is to die for. Madagascar vanilla ice cream and red chili honey drizzle. A bit of Mexican hot chocolate with cardamon after a fabulous meal and, well… nothing in this world seems too serious.

I do realize it’s June 18. And I’m just getting warmed up on SF dining adventures. Stay tuned!

Project notes: Ironically, this painting was created on top of a manila folder that was set on my gelli printer to clean it and be thrown away. When I pulled it off, it most characterized New Mexican dining to me.

More pies coming before the month is out. Also, getting some kind of “food fever.” Tonight was the first birthday party this week. Amazing and fresh food is so exciting. Happy June everyone!


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  • kathy June 18, 2013   Reply →

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow). so glad you are having fun!

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