Chickens with Pizaaazzz

Chicken's with Pizaaaz. Watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#32/365 Paintings

Some chickens lay eggs, others pose for high fashion. These two characters have many reasons to wear fancy sweaters in the winter.

  1. They lay the eggs and are entitled to as much cozy as their owners will indulge.
  2. Though their feathers hold much visual appeal, they like to mix it up in the yard. A little envy from the other hens never hurt a hen’s reputation with the roosters.
  3. When their feathers get wet from snow and rain they look silly and pathetic. This simply won’t do when there is work to be done, roosters to strut around for and food to beg for.
  4. Hens are secretly prima donna’s. This is just the beginning of chicken fashion in the 21st century.


Acknowledgements: Thank you Tamara Greenleaf for the photo you posted of these hilarious chickens.

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  • Lis February 1, 2013   Reply →

    Excellent likeness of the chicken cozies!

    • niya christine February 2, 2013   Reply →


  • WM Rine February 2, 2013   Reply →

    They look like they’re on their way to audition for a colorful part in “Yellow Submarine.”

    • niya christine February 2, 2013   Reply →

      Ha ha.. love that.

    • niya christine February 4, 2013   Reply →

      Ha ha… they definitely have some “tude” going on. ; )

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