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Most people think rabbits are indiscriminate about their mate. That they just find another rabbit that smells like
the opposite sex and they go to it. Not true.

It took Dakota 4 weekends and 9 female rabbits to find a girl who would take him.
He wanted them all of course. But he’s never thought through the subtleties of
what a healthy relationship consists of. As long as he’s dominate, gets
nurtured and doted on regularly and has plenty of food around him and lots of
opportunity for doing what rabbits do, she could be a battery operated stuffed
coyote and he wouldn’t know the difference. His mate is bigger than him, more
mature, more polite and sensitive than he’ll ever be and still he growls at her
and runs he off when I’m in the room to make sure he gets all of my attention.
He makes narcissism a household word. Of course she still loves him and of
course he’ll never change. But when I see him protecting her by staying alert
and awake as she snores away, I am humbled.

However, this story is about my 3rd rabbit, Molly.

She was a rescue. I’ve tried many times to re-home her. But truth be told, I’m crazy
about her. I find myself laughing out loud many times a day….she’s vastly
entertaining and incredibly affectionate. She’s more like a dog than a rabbit.
However, she’s lonely for a man rabbit. So I’m looking for her. I found a very
handsome lop eared boy just around the corner from where I live. He lost his
mate just months before. Molly was pretty excited to meet him. But needed to
dominate. And his passive nature wouldn’t allow the bond. He fought her off. The woman who owned him was surprised. She thought all rabbits just loved each other immediately.

This can happen again and again until one day it’s a match. And the reasons are
mysterious. The other rabbit could be twice the size, and super aggressive or
super passive, or a food hog. It doesn’t matter. When it’s love, it’s love. And
it’s for life.

What I like about this way of choosing a mate.

Age,size, spayed or not, it doesn’t matter. They are picky about the exact rabbit
they decide to bond with but not for looks or size, not even
breed. It’s something else. Something about temperament. It seems there is
often a jealous one, a ME ME ME one, a more greedy and possessive alpha.  This one is necessary. The fighter of
the two (Dakota is the fighter), the strong one. Often this one is the
one that most needs my affection and approval (I’m the alpha, they are allying
with me…smart). And then there is the other one. The nuturer, the one who
sleeps and eats more, the stabilizer. Not always the female. In Molly’s case,
she’s the alpha and will likely find a nurturing male rabbit who lets her be queen while he
tends to her and everything else.

Rabbits are picky about their mates but not judgmental about their looks. It’s gotta
work. But for more than just babies or good looks.

There’s no need for for rabbits. They got it down!


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