National Novel Writers Month 2011

And it’s so much fun! Imagine having thousands of writers from all over the world to chat with about anything from genre jumping to ‘my butt is killing me’ and what day is it? Today, a Nano-London participant offered to mail me a slew of clean socks for the month....

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San Francisco Peace and Hope with Al Young, Ca. Poet Laureate Emeritus

Elizabeth Hack, founder of SF Peace and Hope began it shortly after 9/11.  Her mission? A place for people to post prayers, poems, art; a place to grieve. The renewed, redesigned website is in full force with a profound foreword by poet laureate emeritus, Al Young. I’m thrilled to be...

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Productive Writer ~ Productive Life!

Sometimes we are on the hunt for the right tool, book, or person with insight and resources to help us approach a particular situation. Transformation, organization, clarification, prioritization is needed. And if that doesn’t work, a lobotomy would be okay. I had the good fortune to read The Productive Writer...

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Sentence Envy

Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.  First of all. Thumb envy? No. Not having the opportunity to be a brain surgeon because my thumbs are too large… Or the idea of having the freedom of bowling ball size thumbs that gets me hitched into the car of the next...

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Summer Pilgrims

Today is my birthday. It’s 8 a.m. and I’ve traveled to Brazil, Spain, Sienna Italy, New Zealand and Africa. People have treated me to coffee and breakfast in every city because it’s my birthday and I feel like a stuffed piñata. I hope to be broken open; to spill my guts, to get that bikini...

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