Arranged Marriage

Let’s talk marriage! QUESTIONS: If you don’t marry your best friend, can she/he become your best friend? If you marry your best friend, will he/she become less than that? If I take the question of best friend out of the question, have I become an American? Is there no hope...

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A Little Fictional Heat

She owned a restaurant in the desert that had copper kites pinned to the walls like flies to dried up lemonade. There were other things too that filled the room. Couples sat at low-lit tables and three chefs had the same hairdo; stiff little Mohican waves that curl at the...

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You’ve probably figured it out by now. Dakota the bunny–well, he’s kind of an asshole. And, I say this with the most adoring glance his way as he glares at me for giving him a time-out. He was nipping and lunging at his mate, Caila when I came around to...

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How To Love a Latin Man

A cup of black coffee, can’t find the sugar. Grab the salt shaker used to salt the salmon the night before. But it’s speckled brown. Clearly something is off. Come to think of it, the salmon tasted sweet and cinnamony. But the concoction makes for exotic coffee. This is what...

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The Dating Scene: Is Commodity In and Courting Out?

I had a date the other night…(oh! don’t fall off your chair, I saw that!), who at the end of the evening, after kissing my hand 4 times during dinner, turned to me in the car and said, “So, what do you think about us?” “Huh?” I said dumbly as...

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