KSVY 91.3 Interviews Niya | Doggie Art & LA Screenwriters

Ken Brown interviews Niya November 18 about her holiday doggie art business–(Dogz Cafe) and somehow the conversation goes in the deep waters of the role of silence in film. Only on KSVY,  could this happen. Sonoma’s beloved Radio Station. So listen and enjoy. Its just over 10 minutes long. Niya is...

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Script Done. Redhead Undone

FADE IN: INT./EXT. BUSY STREET – CAFE – DAY REDHEAD walks towards a chic cafe on a busy street. She’s wearing a sun dress and flip flops that are too big for her feet. She has more freckles than ever from the non-stop ninety degree days. She has a large...

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The Upside of Procrastination

Recently, I cleared the decks in my design bizz for a few weeks of uninterrupted screenwriting. It’s amazing how animated and compelling the world looks when there is a meaningful goal to avoid in life. I hadn’t known how much pleasure procrastination could yield until I created the time and...

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