Got Away with It


#337/365 Paintings

Got Away with it: Why are we SO happy? We not only escaped the mouth of the great white, but ate some of his breakfast as we did. We are so smart. All our schooling has paid off today.

Oh and the saying, “It’s a good day to die” – we don’t pay much attention to that. We love it when we get away with living for another day.

Because We are Fish


#326/365 Paintings

Because we are fish we dance outside the lines.

In our world there are no lines except the ones we spent our whole lives dodging dropped by fishermen.

Sometimes we follow in a line, but we are so fast, the lines blur and become new shapes.

I guess you could say we always painting in the sea.


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We Look Good in Black


#328/365 Paintings

Steve Jobs, eat your heart out.


This is the final FISH painting for this month. Whew! That was SO fun. Thank you for all of your incredible energy. People love the fishies. December will be full of color as well. Tomorrow is the introduction to our last month: PATTERN & PROSE. This one will speak to both the literary crowd and the artists. I’m very excited.

Yellow but not Mellow


#323/365 Paintings

This is one of those sad stories.

This is a girl fish who really wanted to be a boy fish. The kind of boy fish people people who cannot get pregnant on their own pay top dollar for. But alas, she was born a real fish. A real yellow fish. And it’s rumored that girl fishes are a bit slow moving and lazy. But not her. She has the fast swimmer, purpose filled rigor to her personality. She’s super fast and active in the sea. She’s trying to fill new dreams since her original dream went sideways.

In fact, right now, she’s gathered millions of fish to spell this out for you in the sea: H A P P Y  T H A N K S G I V I N G.

The fish are grateful today you aren’t eating them.