Heath Ledger Plays the Accordion Piano

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#60/365 Paintings

Heath Ledger has a special place in my heart. This is him being his fabulous self. Playing the piano accordion, cigarette hanging out of his mouth. As I write this I’m listening to Mary Coughlin, “These Foolish Things.” This line: “A cigarette that bears a lipstick’s traces… An airline ticket to romantic places.. And still my heart has wings.. These foolish things remind me of you…

Anyway, Heath’s life was brilliant until it wasn’t. Until it became a tragedy involving drugs. I always felt it surprised him how out of control it got.

So I had to wrap up February with him. One of my favorite characters in life. If I had another month, I’d add Billy Holiday, Paul Newman, Truman Capote and more…

The Bottomless Yum!

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#59/365 Paintings

This post is about the inextricable relationship between our theme, love and character when it comes to food.

Have you ever noticed how much character something yummy grows with every bite? By the time you’re done, it’s a freggin genius. The best human, non-human you’ve ever met! Until an hour later when you want to barf. Still… you’d do again in a second.

This post is dedicated to two people I know who meet more characters like this in a day than I might in a month. Shauna and Daniel Prince in Portland Oregon. Foodies and Oh-So-In-Love-with-Each-Other after years of marriage (incredible passion in this duo). Love you two! You know how to live!

Whale Love…

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#58/365 Paintings

Some years back I stayed in a B&B on the ocean of Kauai to write a book. The first night around 2 a.m. a loud thunderous song-like-sound woke me up. It felt so near, I thought it was in the room. It was deep and sonorous. It went on and on. I finally realized it was whales. I’ll never forget it. I thought for sure I was sleep deprived and imagining it. So I asked locals the next day. And yep, it was a common occurrence. Those whales sounded way more ancient and intense than any life experience I had ever thought was important. Sort of a zen thing to imagine how this whole underwater world going on while we go about our lives doing the things we do; worrying about the things we worry about. In Carl Sagan’s words, “We are but a dust mote at the very tail end of the milky way.” I felt like an atom in that dust mote that night. Kind of comforting in an odd way.

Whales completely leave me groveling at the steps of “more please!—more of that great mystery. It’s incredible. But sing me to sleep this time!” It might be time for another trip to Hawaii!

Vintage Dress — Music of Fabric

Mixed Media by Niya Christine. Copyright

#57/365 Paintings

The vintage dress has fascinated me for years. It was formed at a when musical theatre lead with sound and narrative followed. The dress itself appears to architect itself after musical notes.

Though the vintage dress is named an antique, it has loads of modern sass and charm. The celebs of course, but also the comfort of and practicality of re-use/sustainability.  For a dress form that began in a time when narrative didn’t lead the stage, it seems that this story is one that rewrites itself over and over again — indelible music through the ages.

Baa… Ba… Ba… BOOTS!

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#56/365 Paintings

This post is dedicated to a subscriber and friend, Janine Harris (Neen). She hit the daily painting Jukebox with the request of wild, stomping boots. I realized there was no getting around this one. Boots are all about character! Great request Neen!

I’ve always been more of a boot girl than high healed shoes. In fact, I’m super keen in finding somewhat heeled shoes with boot rubber soles that bounce when you walk. Boots after all, have that “I’m ready for anything life has to throw at me today.” I’ll admit the whole boot thing went too far when I became mildly addicted to a kick boxing class in college. But other than that… lumber jack boots don’t look bad with printed dresses on a first date. For me, not a bad test of character in my date. And if you just need to walk all day. Hiking boots. Why not? They come in so many colors these days. What about a big talk with mom? Definitely cowgirl boots, or high boots to cover the fact that you forgot to shave. And mom’s have a way of seeing through phones. And, Uggs are fabulous for what Janine does a lot – trek through the snow. They are also great for a fancy meeting in Santa Fe New Mexico when you need warm feet to think. I learning this first hand. But on those crazy work days with more deadlines than brain cells? Lumber jack boots all the way. Gravity is the silver bullet on days like this.

Thanks Neen! Now go get on your super mom boots today and do what you do everyday… Be Fantastic and Awesome!

Critter Character

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#55/365 Paintings

This baby animal (freckled bunny? long eared leopard?) is fresh into the world and waiting for her story to begin. I think she might become the best friend of Restless Rosie—main character in a current children’s book in the works. Rosie would get impatient with this one’s calm and wonder. Yup, this would be a very good ally/teacher for Rosie. Thanks for listening. : )

Redhead Loves the Rabbit

Niya Christine Painting. Copyright

#54/365 Paintings

Ah, what could be added? They are at home with one another. The rabbit? He’s open minded to a girlfriend with rubbery skin unlike what he’s accustomed to in his other (many) furry girlfriends. His instincts are happily retrained for such strange bond. And she couldn’t be happier with him all snug in her arms. He gets her to eat more vegetables and she shows him another side of ‘safe.’

Ah… what more could be added?