On ‘Place’

Needles, Newfies and Knotted Knickers

Yesterday I ran away from home. Several weeks of design and conference calls from my home office left everything in my home except the bunnies feeling un-nested, un-scented and without the feel of home. As I drove to a very tiny little town called Sulpher Hot Springs I could almost...

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When Forced into Scrambled Lines We Make One Line Anyway

I spent my life at sea level. Now I’m at above 5000 feet and the climate adjustment has scrambled my brain. I’m a regular anagram of humanity’s imperfection these days. Today, it’s gray outside. After several years of writing fiction in gray weather I think to write today. I scramble...

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Do Not Exfoliate in The Sauna

What is a newcomer to do with all that dry skin? As I lounged, lizard-like in the cozy dry sauna I recalled my massage therapist at the St. Julien had said to me that on one of the Boulder city websites is a long list of the things our tax...

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A Little Fictional Heat

She owned a restaurant in the desert that had copper kites pinned to the walls like flies to dried up lemonade. There were other things too that filled the room. Couples sat at low-lit tables and three chefs had the same hairdo; stiff little Mohican waves that curl at the...

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The Children Got it Goin’ On!

At the public pool where I swim, I see some of the most surprising, sweet, messy, touching, heartbreaking, heart-making pages of humanity. Stories within stories that exists within sweaty cement walls — bodies of water that can make eyes sheepish and shy from the Chlorine. Squealing kid screams against the...

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