On ‘Place’

Flouncing About in Uncommon Paradoxes

Here’s what I learned today: You can have the gentlest dentist in the world and the best sedatives and still feel like a toilet bowl is being flushed on your head when the action begins. You can forgive your dentist for 8 shots of novocaine because you know there’s an...

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Summer Pilgrims

Today is my birthday. It’s 8 a.m. and I’ve traveled to Brazil, Spain, Sienna Italy, New Zealand and Africa. People have treated me to coffee and breakfast in every city because it’s my birthday and I feel like a stuffed piñata. I hope to be broken open; to spill my guts, to get that bikini...

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Lavender + Wildflower Honey Crème Brulèe

The Girl and the Fig. The artwork alone makes you want to try everything. I went in for a salad and walked out with a salad, bread and fig jam, fig lotion, more jam and a cookbook that I can’t keep my face out of. The staff was all too...

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Boulder Colorado Notes

WHAT I’VE LEARNED IN BOULDER SO FAR: 1. When riding my 9 year old mountain bike around, if I listen to my i-Tunes biking mix, I have pretty convincing fantasies that I’m a mean, lean biking machine. Until I get strange looks because I didn’t realize I was singing out...

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Shhh…Quiet, The Ocean Is Talking

I am at Sea Ranch, a ranch of houses on the coast of California near Gualala. So far nothing I’ve seen about the animals here is normal. They are fat for one thing. And they don’t scare. Yesterday, a herd of deer in the yard. I opened the sliding glass...

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