It’s Love

I Like It

This week I was invited to be a featured reader at Sacred Grounds cafe in San Francisco. Quite the honor, as it is the first anniversary of the literary magazine SF Peace and Hope and honored Al Young, Poet Laureate of Ca. Emeritus as first reader in the line up....

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Image Story #3 ~ The Elbow of an Elephant

My name is Gabby – not because I talk a lot. I like to read. When my family came to Africa it was to help people. We brought them books, food, medicine — I insisted we bring them pillows. Pillows are comforting. This elephant is Elsie…she’s seventy-one years old. She’s...

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Rabbit Yoga

I have this rabbit. He thinks he’s my boyfriend. He weighs 4 lbs. When I had a male friend over last week, I tried to introduce the two of them. Dakota, the rabbit put his right ear over his eye. My friend said, “I guess male bonding is out of...

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3,234 lbs of Unconditional Love

I was watching one of those animal hero shows. This one took place in Arizona. Imagine this: A small house. Two middle aged men–brothers. 49 dogs. 49 dogs inbred. The dogs were all about the same size and weight, approximately 66 lbs. Most had the same illnesses due to the...

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On Romance and Rabbits

The love life of my rabbits is enviable. Dakota is 4 and 1/2 lbs. Dakota used to weigh only 4 lbs but living large in an all female family has made him put on some love handles. He rolls around in his morning hay like a Buddha-esque blowfish on crack....

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