Fat Rabbit | Silo of Pudge

 It’s really all my fault. Most rabbits are treated as farm animals, living at the whims of nature. Some neutered and spayed, some not. Mine live indoors and are waited on hand and foot. About this time every year (spring rabbit multiplication time) they start emotional eating like you wouldn’t...

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Salad from a Rabbit’s Point of View

Imagine your version of Santa Claus delivering exactly what you want every morning no matter your mood or behavior. Or you’ve attempted Mt. Everest you almost died, but your favorite person woke you up out of your ambition hypnotism, took you down the mountain and had a Hot Toddy waiting...

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Lavender + Wildflower Honey Crème Brulèe

The Girl and the Fig. The artwork alone makes you want to try everything. I went in for a salad and walked out with a salad, bread and fig jam, fig lotion, more jam and a cookbook that I can’t keep my face out of. The staff was all too...

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Do Not Exfoliate in The Sauna

What is a newcomer to do with all that dry skin? As I lounged, lizard-like in the cozy dry sauna I recalled my massage therapist at the St. Julien had said to me that on one of the Boulder city websites is a long list of the things our tax...

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Moroccan Stew | Orange | Soul’s Braille

This isn’t a Martha Stewart tip on ethnic food styles or the story of orange or new age interpretation’s of the human soul. (Oh, but if I were queen of the world and had that kind of all powerful credibility, who knows)? No, this is more stream of consciousness goop–a...

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