The Art of the Lull

“Dakota Loves The Redhead” Illustration created on Samsung Notebook by Chikodili Emelumadu. She and I shared giggles  during National Novel Writing Month 2011. She lives in London, UK. For the past two weeks I’ve run my business and my life within five feet of my dying rabbit—listening to his breathing and...

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EASTER SPECIAL — How not to break a rabbit’s heart (and spirit)

We’ve all heard of a spouse following a spouse to the other side. How their life force finds a way to ‘follow their heart’ so to speak. A dog will mope for weeks upon losing it’s person. A cat? Well, it depends upon the cat. But a rabbit? A rabbit’s...

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3,234 lbs of Unconditional Love

I was watching one of those animal hero shows. This one took place in Arizona. Imagine this: A small house. Two middle aged men–brothers. 49 dogs. 49 dogs inbred. The dogs were all about the same size and weight, approximately 66 lbs. Most had the same illnesses due to the...

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Flouncing About in Uncommon Paradoxes

Here’s what I learned today: You can have the gentlest dentist in the world and the best sedatives and still feel like a toilet bowl is being flushed on your head when the action begins. You can forgive your dentist for 8 shots of novocaine because you know there’s an...

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Lord, Let Me Be Half the Person My Rabbit Thinks I Am!

Rabbits have no concept of their bigotry. You are either part of their clan or you aren’t. They test you. When you get down on the floor and do the things they do (especially Dakota) eating or grunting at his rear-end (I don’t recommend this one) or pushing the ball...

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