Canyon Horses


#185/365 Paintings

Wild horses are generally born in colors that reflect the mountains, prairies and canyon-lands around them. Browns, reds, dappled rock, grays and white snow covered peaks. They characterize the majestic, torrential nature that raises them. Many wild horses are dying of starvation and thirst and killed mercilessly. The justification is overpopulation. But horses have served our communities and country. They’ve taken bullets in war, they’ve taken people on their backs to new lives when the old one’s were destroyed. They’ve tilled the land for crops. The list goes on. We owe them a lot more than capture, neglect and slaughter.

So, I decided these canyon horses would reflect something with a bit more pizazz… like Christmas or a crazy fashionable, fun outfit. This way, they reflect how I really feel about them in addition to their wild mountains and canyons.


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  • kathy July 8, 2013 beautiful. Haunting silhouettes.

    • niya christine July 9, 2013  

      Yes, haunting is a good interpretation. Love your comments Kathy. Insightful.