Canary Poses for Cardboard

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#92/365 Paintings

Some birds eat cardboard, while others… like our little actress here, poses for it. I like her. She’s all fluffed up for the camera, ready for action. Even her feet are bouncy for excitement.

Project notes: This is the top of a cardboard box I used for Dakota (my rabbit’s) medicine. It was making me clumsy every time I opened it. So I ripped it off the top to use for a surface to protect my kitchen table while painting, and it turned into this. This canary has game.

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  • WM Rine April 2, 2013  

    … while this one jumps out of it. If a person can jump out of a birthday cake, then I think a bird can fly out of a scrap of cardboard.

    She is beautiful. I expect she walks the ground with a little bit of strut in her step, and why not.

    And the background behind her … Looked at one way I see a fragment of the background, a hill and some night sky, for perspective. But another time I saw a cake (I guess my mind follows my own suggestions). It looks like the bird has come along with a birthday cake, one that contains the whole world, mountains, hills, trees, starry sky. And what a beautiful bird to deliver a cake like that.

  • niya christine April 3, 2013  

    Oh THOR is welcome to crush on this little sweetie. She has her share of male suitors. I’m sure he will rise to the top when she sees his self portrait!