Canary Fashion Bazaar

Collage/Painting by Niya Christine.Copyright

#113/365 Paintings

Canaries know they are pretty. I’m convinced of it. So when I found some special papers and copper screens this weekend, I thought they’d appreciate the gesture. A couple of them insisted upon the Target logo for their ‘super-cool’ contact lenses.

“Target is cool — fun bird toys! Besides, all the birds are doing it,” they reasoned with their exacerbated but amused artist. I had to congratulate the bird with the purple shoes and pink mohak, as he insisted upon dressing himself. I just realized the blue one with the gold feathers and short legs looks like he/she has a diaper on. Oh well, it’s a fashion bazaar (bizarre). Those canaries!


Painting dedication: When I think of fashionista’s Carolyn Maso comes directly to mind. Her taste is exquisite, expansive and very worldly. She’s a culture maker. Check her out and say hello. She will brighten your day. This is for you Carolyn!

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  • Carolyn Maso April 23, 2013  

    Thank you, Niya, for the painting dedication… I love the idea of super cool, target logo contact lenses! Your imagination is endless and I think EVEN Target would feel honored to be associated with this fanciful art! <3 Love you!!

    • niya christine April 23, 2013  

      Love you too Carolyn… you are very inspiring.

  • Laurel April 23, 2013  

    Well, this is different from you! Budgie (why do canaries get all the attention when Budgies are so much brighter?) Thor thinks that he may have to raise the ante on a self-portrait so — look out for Thor, His Magic Mirror and Singing Wings!!!

    • niya christine April 23, 2013  

      Hi Laurel. Yes, the collage explorations are fun. As to why Canaries vs. Budgies? I pick a different theme every month. Canaries and Cows have a nice lilt to it – as I say it in my mind. I love the contrast of birds and cows. Yes, I think you mentioned you were going to paint your budgie and post your painting.. I would love to see it.