Bugs and Kisses

Bugs & Kisses watercolor by Niya Christine. Copyright

#33/365 Paintings

There’s something about kissing in an old, tiny, uncomfortable VW bug. I’ve had a lot of experiences but this isn’t one of them. I relate more to the hoot owl in this painting. The wide eyed wonder. Why are they kissing in the middle of the road? Will the gear shifter go out and roll the bug into the woods? Do they care? Ahhh… but they are a cute couple, even though I didn’t quite get his youthful beard right. I think these two are having a wonderful time, enjoying dusk, their road trip and not knowing the secret curiosity of the owl on the roof.

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  • Leah February 2, 2013  

    Nice! My mom had a red one in the 70’s, she covered the rust spots with huge daisy stickers. I remember as a kid being in the back seat, the floorboard was so rusted out you could see the road at our feet! Those were the good old days.

    • niya christine February 4, 2013  

      The VW Beetle. Such a cultural icon. Makes me all dreamy and mushy just to see one.