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1. When riding my 9 year old mountain bike around, if I listen to my i-Tunes biking mix, I have pretty convincing fantasies that I’m a mean, lean biking machine. Until I get strange looks because I didn’t realize I was singing out loud or doing a little bicycle dance. And then reality crashes in harder when I see that the digital roadside speed-odometer says 17 miles per hour, and bicyclists are passing me (circling very wide), and the speed limit is 40.

* So Boulder athletes if you’re reading this blog and you see an efforting, crazy looking redhead singing to Ani Difranco or making a complete fool of herself in other ways…just send me a little love–it goes a long way. A thumbs up will do. I realize that while you’ll imagining all the great stuff you’ll put into your power shake when you get home, I’m imagining a large glass of Chardonnay and wishing I had the guts to drink at 10AM. So just throw a peace sign or thumbs up my way. I’m not picky.

2. Some (more than I ever thought possible) of the men in Boulder, apparently appreciate curvy women. Bless you!

3. When I order a latte, the whole process goes faster if I ask for 2 percent milk or Soy. It can take the Barista time to either find whole milk stuck way in the back of the refrigerator, or to process a request he/she hasn’t had in quite awhile. For a writer who doesn’t want to loose the creative surge going on and just needs her caffeine IV, it’s easier and faster to say 2 percent please.

4. The Waste Water Treatment Plant smells really good. A musky, soapy-like smell. Is this a good thing?

5. I have learned a love of gardening, how good vegetables and herbs taste from your own garden, a distaste for milkweed and big time appreciation of good neighbors.

Dakota loves Colorado. The birds make really loud sounds but can’t get him because he lives in the penthouse suite with 2 adoring females.


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  • Susan Flint on Aug 11, 2007 Reply

    All this zany bicycle protocol began with your banana seater in fifth grade. I’m sure of it!! Tee hee!! Lookin’ good, girlfriend. I like your new pic.

  • David B. Leikam on Aug 03, 2007 Reply

    As I’ve said numerous times in the past, I love your thoughts and writings.
    Sweet and with great imagery but to the point with a little wink. 😉 Nice and a good read for a Friday afternoon.
    Cheers with whole milk in the refrigerator waiting for you … HaHa!

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