Book Love

Painting by Niya Christine. Copyright

#46/365 Paintings

For me, there is simply nothing better than 2 solid hours or more of reading without distraction. Books had to make it into this month’s theme. Not only is there the life-long love of reading that people share… but, love stories of all dimensions and genres are alive and well — threaded in and amongst the letters going by.I also retreat to books, the old fashion kind nowadays, to have a break from the many screens available to us daily. “But you’ll get addicted to the Kindle and the screen isn’t that bad” my friends say. More like a nose dive into curiosities and clicks. Books are my personal SLOW revolution. I’ll keep it that way for as long as I can.

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One comment

  • WM Rine February 15, 2013  

    This is great, Niya. It’s so true. The textures and colors on the books make me want to stop and read each of them.