Blue Horse


#183/365 Paintings

It was the paintings on the walls of caves that showed how lions and bears would turn and fight the men who speared them. But the horse was a creature of flight not fight and, with a simple deadly logic, the hunter used flight to destroy it for meat. Whole herds were driven hurtling headlong to their deaths from the tops of cliffs. And though later the horse came pretending friendship, the alliance with man would ever be but fragile, for the fear he’d struck in to their hearts was too deep to be dislodged. — Nicholas Evans, The Horse Whisperer

The story of the horse is so vast—soulful and complex. A story of trust. A story of us. The horse embodies us in it’s service,  working class austerity—love and fear of us. Not to mention the pull on a girl’s heart.

The quote in this post is pulled from the introduction of a short story I wrote titled, “Flight.” I’ll be pulling from that story and from other authors to express in part the plight and power of this brilliant creature.

Project notes: Another watercolor from my fancy thick cotton paper sketchbook. After the Deibenkorn exhibit yesterday at the de Young Museum, I am stoked to get brave this month. The layers of color that he was able sculpt—the risks he took with paint just blew my mind.


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  • Leah July 4, 2013  

    I seem to always be drawn to your magic with greens and blues. This is lovely. My neice rides horses, maybe when you get home I will order this for her 🙂

    Hope you are staying safe and enjoying your journey!
    Hugs, Leah

    • Niya July 4, 2013  

      Oh thank you Leah… SO MUCH. Your comments always give me a lift.

  • Dale Favier July 4, 2013  

    Do you know Sage Cohen’s poem, “Exfoliation”?

    “A copper horse, back arched, bites her tail.
    She is green in her deep places.”

    Totally different mood, But this horse is blue in her deep places.

    • Niya July 4, 2013  

      Dale, this blows me away. Sage is a dear friend. It’s such an honor to rub up against her genius in this way. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      • Dale Favier July 5, 2013  

        I’m pretty sure I originally found this site by way of Sage!

        • niya christine July 5, 2013  

          Yes, I believe so.

  • Brigid July 4, 2013  

    Gorgeous! I LOVE this one, Niya. I will absolutely be ordering this one. So exited for your inspiration. Feels like a mimi break through painting….And your picture is beautiful. You look so radiant and alive. Exactly how this adventure should be making you feel, right? So happy for you…miss you, too.

    • Niya July 4, 2013  

      So kind of you – I just love your comments. And I miss you – so it’s double the joy. Mini – breakthrough… yes, that’s true. It was a 10 minute painting that I was about to keep working on but didn’t for some reason. Trusting the process – irregardless of the time it takes is very liberating.

  • Sherry Richert Belul July 4, 2013  

    Ohhhhh. Love this. Love the color. Love her eyes. Absolutely gorgeous and full of soul. Thank you for these gifts every day. 🙂

    • niya christine July 5, 2013  

      Sherry… you are the gift!!! I’m so thrilled that you are here. Enjoy!