Big Eared Rabbit Convention

Edna loves the ears - Mixed Media. Close Up. 12x48

Edna loves the ears – Mixed Media. Close Up. 12×48

I’m taking a class (Joy of Collage) that honestly I wasn’t sure I would get into because it’s less about painting and more about shaping. Surprisingly, I’ve fallen utterly and completely in love. This piece is a work in progress – a 2-paneled diptych. I’ll show the full piece completed in a week. In the meantime, some very tall eared rabbits have my full attention.

This rabbit has a story. Mixed Media. Close Up.

This rabbit has a story. Mixed Media. Close Up.

And the final image is the full perspective on the studio table. The studio rabbit, Max is surprisingly quiet about this one. He watches in silence and every so often nudges my leg. I think he wants me to invent him a girlfriend out of this painting and is impatient.

Full View - almost. 12x48 first half of the diptych

Full View – almost. 12×48 first half of the diptych


Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • judith westerfield July 12, 2014  

    love, Love, LOVE your collage. I think mixed-media is really freeing and fun. My biggest problem is that I spend hours finding images and hoarding scraps of torn paper and then don’t have time to create the art.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your creation!

    • niya christine July 12, 2014  

      That’s funny Judith. I used to do that. But with this one, I just grabbed whatever was around – it was easier because I knew I would cover much of it up. A painter friend of mine used to say over and over – “don’t be too precious” — words to live by. Thanks for writing. ; )