Bees Gone Bad


"Bees Gone Bad" Gouache + Digital by Niya Christine. Copyright


Generally, bees are true blue honey workers. But every so often one or two go astray and indulge in the bean for that ‘extra’ buzz. Beans aren’t known for their balanced approach to life. It’s an understatement to say that they get obsessed. Now, the queen bee knows she’s making a fool of them. But she’s too far along in drinking the kool-aide (coffee) herself to do anything constructive for the colony.

We might shake our heads sadly for the bees. But how unhappy could they be? They are buzzed, working hard to bring in the beans and keeping their queen very happy.


Project notes: The ingredients of this painting are: Gouache, watercolor, digital manipulation and Balkan Beat Box Music to keep me ‘buzzin.’ Thanks for lookin at another version of the secret lives of bees.

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  • WM Rine January 25, 2013   Reply →

    Wow, this one is different, and fun! Looks like the work of a different artist — maybe an evolving artist. Did you do that in half an hour?

    • Niya January 25, 2013   Reply →

      Hi WM
      I think a different artist DID do this one. The very busy… how will I get my painting done today? artist. The thing is, when I rush through the painting.. the painting gets more complex and takes longer. This one, including scanning and photoshop crafting and posting took 90 minutes. The painting took 1 hours. Once I was into it, I had to sigh at the mistake of taking on so much and just power through it. Not sure I like this painting but I learn something new every day. Being in the moment is a good challenge to take on in a daily fashion. Gets me outta my head and thrown hard core into existential reality. ; )

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