Bee–zzz on a Mission


#220/365 Paintings

Have you ever noticed how crafty bees are? Not only do they manage to make something really good to eat but run a thousand marathons to do it while risking their lives with their stinger to protect their mission. Well, these bees — brother and sister (aren’t they all?), managed to remain black and white in their colorful world. Why? Because they decided to pick their own colors. Yellow, gray, black had sustained bee history for centuries. Why hadn’t they evolved into colors like the flowers given how often they interacted with them? This is just one of the question this sibling pair had about life and the future. So this is them on an adventure for color and to change fashion for bees of the future.


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  • WM Rine August 16, 2013  

    I thought maybe they were the Bees in Black, a sort of apiarian Johnny Cash, since so many of their brothers and sisters are disappearing because of Colony Collapse Disorder. These bees are going to wear black and white until things are right again. Meanwhile, working together, they’re starting a colony anew. It only takes two and a heapful of persistence. I think these two can do it.

  • niya christine August 18, 2013  

    So creative Will. “Colony of Collapse Disorder.” Wow!
    I think they can do it too!