Beatrice Rests on a Florence Rooftop

Copyright Niya Christine. Story Paintings

#136/365 Paintings

If you’re having a hard time finding the rabbit in this painting, that’s good. That’s what Beatrice wants.

B. is looking for a mate. She rides a 2-seater bicycle everyday—one seat for her and one for her true love when she finds him. She rides all day long, looking and hoping. The problem is… a rabbit on a 2 seater bicycle (any bicycle) attracts a lot of attention. She darts through the ally’s and streets in Florence. Sometimes she messes up the homeless’s beds. She feels bad about that. They are one in the same in her mind. Beatrice in Italian means, Voyager. Right now our little voyager is hidden in sight on a bakery rooftop. Zzzzzzzzz…. shhhh, don’t wake the bunny. Especially one working this hard to find her soulmate.

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  • WM Rine May 16, 2013   Reply →

    One day I will finally get to Tuscany – I have been so close to Italy so many times but never gotten over the border. But now I think I will disappointed by Florence, because it will never look quite as magical or brightly alive as it would to the bunny in that raw, open place, looking for her soulmate. I feel the live magic of Beatrice in her situation. Good luck girl!

    As for me, I will have to go to Siena, whenever I get to Italy, where I’ll be expecting and satisfied those beautiful earth tones and regular Italians.

    (Thanks for the tidbit about Beatrice’s name. I’ve never read Dante, but I have read commentary on the Divine Comedy that said Beatrice was a stand-in for Dante’s “ideal woman.” An ideal woman, a voyager. I like that very much. Now cue Lucio Battisti singing “Si, Viaggare,” one of my favorite songs about traveling.)

    • niya christine May 16, 2013   Reply →

      I have a date with Sienna next time I’m in Italy. Love Tuscany, Florence, Umbria, Rome. But Sienna lulls me with it’s quiet charm and oldness. If you are in Florence soon, let’s hope you don’t find Beatrice. Hopefully, she’s off playing with her new Bo in the vineyards of Tuscany by the time you arrive. ; )

  • May 16, 2013   Reply →

    This is more of a general comment about The Daily Painting…. I LOVE to sit here before the rest of the house wakes up sipping on my coffee and reading about these fabulous bunnies, admiring your art work. What a lovely way to start off my day!

    Thank You Niya!

    • niya christine May 16, 2013   Reply →

      This makes me SOOOO happy Lisha. That was the whole intent. So glad you are taking me up on it. So satisfying.

  • Michelle Andres May 16, 2013   Reply →

    I agree with lsong. I sip my coffee and enjoy the painting. Thank you so much for sharing them. I know for 364 days I enjoy, and only one day I post, but we are here and participating. I especially like this one Niya. Beautiful colours…and I see Beatrice. Sneaky minx, she is!

    • niya christine May 16, 2013   Reply →

      Michelle, I just love it when people I haven’t yet met on the list come on in and say hello like this. And I’ve been exploring your site and page and WOW… so inspiring what you do. I could just see you and Beatrice chatting it up on the rooftops of Florence, Italy over tea. ; )

      So nice to meet you Michelle.

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